Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 40 ~ Living History and Hot Glass

Mini-van + these kids = anachronism!
Took the kids to the Texas Renaissance Festival today.  This is the week RenFest holds their annual School Days, where the educational activities increase and the inappropriate clothing decreases.  It's the only time I'll take them.

This was our fifth year to go, and honestly, I didn't feel like it.  It was cold and rainy when we woke up, a two hour drive each way, and I wasn't feeling well.  But still, with a quick prayer request sent out, we loaded up and headed to Plantersville.

The children each had something they wanted to see or do, so we made sure to hit those special requests.  But unlike previous years, we didn't barrel around at top speed trying to make it to everything.  One advantage of going every year is that we have seen much of it, and the older children remember.  In the next few years, as Little Warrior gets older, we'll revisit those lessons and demonstrations.

In the end, we spent the most time watching glass artists this year.  We watched a narrated demonstration of an artist blowing glass.  And Farmer Boy hunted down another glass artist he met last year who makes small figurines using a blow torch and glass sticks, a technique known as lampworking.  The children watched him at length, then at the end of the day, when there were fewer people, they returned to watch and asked questions.  Farmer Boy wants to learn how to work with glass now. 

The prayers worked, and the rain held off until our drive home.  The children were happy and I was satisfied that a little something extra had been added to their lives.  Sometimes it's worth it to just soldier through on those dreary mornings.  And thank you Lord for caffeine!

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