Sisters before the throne of grace...

They gather on my couches and chairs, second Thursday of each month.  We sit and visit, gathering one by one from homes far and wide.  Down paved roads, dirt roads; from town, from farms, coming from family to be with sisters.

The chatter quiets as I begin to talk.  Asking for needs.  One by one they speak, a circle tracing their words.  Sharing joys, pains, loved ones, struggles, illness. 

My pen scratches on the paper in my hand... names, needs, hopes, fears.  The circle completes.  We bow our heads.

Heads bent, eyes closed, we keen out our sorrow and hopes to our almighty Father.  Women joined as sisters in Him, we come before the throne of grace for His children.

Tears, almost always tears.  We feel the urgency.

Yet always, always thanks.  We praise the One who gives and takes away.  We know He is our only hope.

Sisters we, bound together by a ribbon of love given by our sweet Lord.  Heads bowed, hands open to offer what is not ours, to receive that which is nothing but a gift. 


Written in participation with the The Gypsy Mama's 5 minute writing challenge.  This weeks prompt: "the women."  

photo credit: Anita Patterson


  1. I love small groups with other women! Thank you for sharing this post. It brings back SO many fond memories of those precious women I have been graced with over the years!

  2. I find it so moving to pray with other women. I am awed by the strength and hope in women. Thanks for your encouragement, Lindsey!

  3. beautiful. Prayer with other women is so incredibly sweet. So precious to come into His presence holding our sister's hands.


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