What Color Are God's Eyes?

One evening, after scribbling intensely at the dining room table, our daughter came to me with two sheets of paper in hand. "I wrote a poem" she said...

What Color Are God's Eyes?
a poem by The Princess, age 9

What color are God's eyes Mama?
What language does God speak?
Does God's face get all red
when he reaches the cold mountain peak?
Or is it already red
or maybe orange-y pink?
Or is it black or even brown?
How much does God think?
What color is God's hair?
Does He keep it short, or long?
Does God play an instrument?
or have a favorite song?
We can wait on some of these questions,
But there's one I can't postpone;
How many answers can we know
and how many are known?

(Mother's answer)
God's eyes don't have a color.
God speaks to our souls.
God never gets cold so
He needs no hot coals.

God doesn't have a skin color,
Because He has no skin.
And yes, God thinks, He thinks a lot.
He knows 'bout every fish's fin.

No color for God's hair either.
And definitely no length.
God plays us many tunes,
'bout love, grace, then His strength

He plays it on the harps of our hearts.
And about His favorite tune,
It's how we'll stay loving Him,
In times both later and soon.

So I can know all the answers,
And all of them I know,
Because I've read the bible,
Which is 'bout how God loves us so.


  1. So very sweet. And so thoughtful! Excellent job.
    (P.S. We have daughters the same age!)

  2. Oh my goodness! That is absolutely wonderful!


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