She is coming!

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I am sitting in a still dark house. Unfamiliar noises sing the night song of this place, keeping tune with my waiting.

She is coming.

Brand new person... longed for, prayed for, waited so very much for... she is coming.

Her mother called me not long ago, the special ring I set just for her waking me from sleep like a double shot of espresso.

“Looks like baby girl is going to come tonight.”

Adrenaline flew me through the house, gathering bags and keys and whispering the news and goodbyes to my family.

The dark road seemed so very long. Country roads near midnight when a baby is coming are long and windy and full of surprises. Not far from my house I veered to barely miss a newly dead deer in the middle of the highway.

Half way there little one’s father called.

“Just checking where you are.”

I told him and heard, “We may be having a baby at home.”

My hands gripped the steering wheel as I fervently prayed and pressed a little harder on the pedal. Nine days overdue, and she had waited long enough. She wanted out!

A minute or so from their house he called again. The neighbor had stepped in to sit with the sleeping older children and they were on their way to the birth center. Our silver vans passed in the night, lights blinking a greeting. Those two flicks of my hand on the light switch held my whole heart.

The house seemed expectant somehow. Father's coffee mug was still warm on the table. The neighbor and I exchanged hugs... I had met her only once before, at a birthday party, but in the dead of night with a baby coming, we were sisters. Two mothers remembering and rejoicing.

After she left I walked onto the porch to stare at the bright moon shining through the trees. I wondered and prayed. Back in the living room, the cradle and bouncy seat and swing and stroller all lined up like servants waiting to greet their mistress as she entered the castle hall.

And now I sit and I wait with the sleeping house. Wait for new life to enter here, for two little boys to wake up to the best surprise of their lives, a baby sister. And I pray and pray.

Come into the world gently, little one. You are so wanted.

Update: Little Emma entered the world just 13 minutes after this posted. Her birth was smooth and peaceful.  She is beautiful just like her mama.


  1. Oh, joyful happy dancing! Brimming eyes so excited! Praying for mama and baby and you with the kiddos. Blessed day indeed!!

  2. So beautiful. Such joy and mystery in birth. Welcome little one!!

  3. Reading this was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing Patti! :)

  4. This so well-done, I felt like I was there. Love it. :)


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