When the unexpected makes your day

A few days ago, thanks to Hurricane Irene, the town I grew up in looked like this...

A little more waterfront than this home owner bargained for

But here in Central Texas, we are seeing things more like this (although thankfully less fuzzily than the phone's camera did)...

Doing a booming business in frozen Frappuccinos around here

Country cafe owners advertise pie and beg their customers to intercede...

 Note the lush yellowish brown grass

And soup is just off the menu...

Just thinking about soup makes me break out in a sweat

We have now broken the record for number of days over 100° in one year, and the year isn't even close to done.

Sunday, it hit 111°.

On top of the heat, we are in the midst of an exceptional drought. This drought is not exceptional because it did so well on its Killing Living Things 101 final exam. No, "exceptional" is a technical category of drought, the worst in fact.

Late last week, our second week back to school, we were sitting busily working away when we heard a strange sound. It was a sort of roaring kind of sound. Like something on the roof. The air conditioning? Something stirred in our memories, we looked out the window... it was RAIN!

Not the lovely puddle you pictured? The yellow sticks are grass, the brown stuff is dirt and the bubbles are because the water is boiling as it hits the griddle that is our yard. I'm kidding! Sort of.

"School's off! Go play in the rain!" I shouted as squeals filled the house and boots were sought out.

Little Warrior felt that he needed extra protection from this mysterious weather phenomenon.

BRRR! It's only 90° out!

The animals were not quite as excited... mystified might be more accurate

What on earth...???

One little kitten had never felt rain before. Until this shower we had had exactly 0" of rain since her birth.

Mama! There's something on my paws!

While the kids frolicked in the rain...

... the goats sought shelter under the eaves.

Because of course they were in the back yard. This was the same day they had knocked down their portable fence and peppered our side and front yards with their goaty selves. Eventually the lure of the road and its zippy cars was too great for them to be allowed so much freedom. So I had bribed them all into the back yard with food, because I knew the back yard fences would hold.

Unpredictable goats, unexpected rain. Unending blessings!

Photo credits: flooded house ~ Donna Sweet
                       all other photos ~ Patti Brown


  1. Our unexpected blessing yesterday was a whole day without rain! Glad you got some of the wet stuff. I love the picture of the goat looking heavenward. Hilarious! Hope you are blessed soon with more rain.

  2. We played in the rain too! We in fact did our math facts out there...if "we" got them right we ducked back under the eaves, if not we had to stay out there until we got it right! Of course, it probably was counterproductive that as soon as we got them right and came back that we ran back out in the rain to do another one! We had so much fun though...the guys cutting down trees by the powerlines probably thought we were nuts and I don't think they enjoyed the rain as much as the boy & I did!


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