The Give Back Giveaway

I am so happy to finally be introducing you to a handful of small ministries that I learned about last year!

As part of the Joy Sprinkling challenge last fall, I had a brainstorm. Could I do a giveaway on my blog as a sprinkle? Could that giveaway somehow "sprinkle" not only the recipient but also a good cause?

I thought of the many small ministries out there that do not get much publicity, and how their need is just as real as bigger, better known ministries. Then I got to thinking about Christmas, and how crazy-much money people spend on Christmas gifts.

The storm in my brain exploded and the idea to hold a series of giveaways from charities was born! I have been sitting on this idea for lo these many months, and now with Christmas soon upon us, it is time to share these ministries with you.

So, for the next few weeks, each Tuesday and Friday, I will be sharing a different ministry and giving away one of the items that they sell to raise support. Think Christmas gifts, folks!

I hope that you will take the time to visit each of the ministries' websites, and prayerfully consider supporting them, either with a financial donation or by making some of your gift purchases from them.

And of course, stop back tomorrow to enter the first giveaway!

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