The Give Back Giveaway ~ Women at Risk International AND Christian Freedom International

Okey doke, dear ones, time for the final Give Back Giveaway!

First off, allow me to introduce you to Women at Risk International. These folks work in countries around the world serving women in danger and crisis.  They do quite a bit of outreach in the United States as well.

A bulk of the focus is on human trafficking. It is hard to wrap my mind around the reality that in New York City alone there are 3500+ children being trafficked. WAR, Int'l has multiple approaches... prevention, education, raids, job training, safe houses, and more. From their website:

Women At Risk, International (WAR, Int’l) is a nonprofit organization established to place circles of protection around women at risk. The purpose and passion of this organization is to wrap arms of love around women and children, whispering the message that they were created for purpose and dignity. Creating safe places for women and children rescued from many abuses including human trafficking/sexual slavery, WAR, Int’l desires to give voice to their silenced cries.

Take some time to read their website. It's a very rich site with lots of hidden treasures, much like the women they serve.

They sell items to raise funds for the various projects.  90% of the proceeds from the item sold goes back to the project from which it originated.  As I perused their offerings my attention was caught by this:

It is an alabaster candle holder. I knew what it was made of right away because earlier this year I wrote about the woman with the alabaster jar, and I searched high and low for a picture of one. Alabaster was valuable in Jesus' days, and the contents of that alabaster jar was the woman's most prized possession.

Well, of course I knew that that was what I just had to give away here. What a lovely reminder of the treasure that we have in Christ, that all we have is His, that really we are His greatest treasure!

And a candle holder needs candles, yes?

Enter Christian Freedom International!

CFI ministers to the needs of the persecuted church around the world.  From their website:

CFI has relationships with indigenous believers and churches including underground house church networks and Christian cell groups in countries where they are persecuted for their faith.
These courageous Christians share our passion for assisting the part of the Body that is suffering. They work with us to provide medicine, safe-houses, aid, Bibles, education, microenterprise, documentation, and advocacy to Christians and their families who are on the front lines of persecution.

And in their fundraising shop? Candles!

Don't you think these bamboo candles will go nicely with the alabaster candle holder?

In this giveaway:

  • one alabaster candle holder from Egypt, via WAR, Int'l
  • three bamboo candles from Thailand, via CFI

There are four ways to enter this giveaway from Women at Risk International and Christian Freedom International (please leave a separate comment for each... one comment = one chance to win).

Please include a way to contact you (via email, twitter or facebook) in one of your comments.
  1. Are you a candle lover? Dinner? Bathtime? When do you like to light candles? Leave a comment.
  2. Browse the WAR Chest Boutique and share one item you might want to give as a gift.
  3. Browse the CFI Store and share one item you might want to give as a gift. 
  4. Share the WAR/CFI Give Back Giveaway with your friends by tweeting or facebooking about it (then leave a comment here). Feel free to use this: "Bamboo candle and alabaster candle holder giveaway at Joyful Mama.... #GiveBackGiveaway"

The alabaster candle holder and bamboo candle giveaway will end on Saturday Dec. 3, 2011 at 11:59 pm CST. Winner will be chosen using

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended. Congratulations His Jules!

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Women At Risk International or Christian Freedom International. The giveaway items will be purchased for the purpose of this giveaway, with all funds going to WAR Int'l and CFI.


  1. I love candles, I light then every morning during my quiet time and each time they catch my eye I pray peace for our home & peace for Jerusalem ~Israel. My twitter is @ginsamica

  2. I would love to give the oil lamp as a gift, it is beautiful and reminds me of the parable of the ten virgins.

  3. At the CFI store I like the square scented candle.

  4. And now I shall tweet about your giveaway!!

  5. Thank you for introducing me to War Int'l. I love to light candles at night time, and while taking a bath. I use to light candles all the time but I forget to do it nowadays.

  6. From the War Chest I'd like to get: Hammered Silver & Stone Necklace
    I'm sure there are more items I would like but I only looked @ the necklaces.

  7. From CFI: I love the Thai cotton sandal & the Nepal water bottle holder. I know I was suppose to just pick one but like both of those items. Thanks for introducing me to another great fair trade type company.

  8. What an incredible duo of organizations! We are a candles at dinner, candles on the mantel kind of family... and sometimes for tea!

  9. We love to burn candles and incense around her all the time, I love smelly good things! These would make a great gift for Alex!

  10. I'm so excited to find CFI's handcrafts that help. They will make perfect stocking stuffers and my money will go to a good cause and not Target! I like the scented gift set, remember, I like smelly goods!

  11. From the WAR chest, I really liked Mr. Ellie Pooh's Journal. It may not be a smelly good, but it sure is funny!

  12. Posting this to Facebook! Thanks for the contest!


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