Babies Are the Sweetest Interruption of All

I thought I knew what I was going to do last week.

I had planned a typical week of chores, homeschooling, some writing, and a day of fire relief work, plus a few special meals with my dear aunt who was visiting the area from Boston.

... you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow...
James 4:14

I did not know I would be a goat mama.

My husband came in from chores, a week ago Monday, with a cardboard box, and in that box were two shivering, weak baby goats.

Thus began my ongoing stint as a goat mama, a nanny I suppose you could say.

I filled my tub with pine shavings.

I turned up the heat.

I treated wounds.

I cut umbilical cords.

I researched.

I mixed bottles.

I fed (and snapped pictures while children fed.)

I buried.

I watched a real goat mama, bereaved of her own babies, take interest in the surviving kid as I brought him to bottle feed in the fields.

I watched her come to consider Nibbles - named for his propensity for nibbling the tub faucet - her very own.

And the day little Nibbles got a real mama, Tiny became my new ward.

Eleven days into being a nanny and my plans have become... feed the goat, homeschool, feed the goat, do chores, feed the goat, make dinner, feed the goat. The children like to take a feeding or two, so it really isn't hard at all. We look forward to it. A sweet interruption.

We are hoping that one of the expectant mamas will adopt Tiny when her babies come, but for now, he drinks from a bottle.

And Nibbles is healthy and happy and growing like a goat kid should.


  1. this is so wonderful to read.

    1. :-) Isn't it lovely that she really did adopt him?

    2. oh really really is....I LOVE that little guy.

  2. Those baby goats are so adorable! I'd love to cuddle them. It sounds like their feeding schedule is similar to a newborn. What did you have to bury?

    1. They ARE snuggly Erin! Sadly, we had to bury one of the two babies who came in that first day (the all brown one).

  3. What a lovely read. Sorry about the burying part. But, I HAVE to know: what kind of CAMERA do you have? Those picts are GEORGEOUS!!! They look professional, love the focus and depth of field! Beautiful shots--you should publish a book.

    1. Thanks Stefanie! The camera is a Canon Rebel T2i with a 50mm f/1.8 Lens. Love the camera, and the new lens is really making a difference.

  4. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh those little baby goats are adorable! The little chocolate colored one looks like he was smiling in that bundle of towels. You made his short life happy.

  6. PLEASE keep us all up to date with Tiny's progress....and more picture of him please.

  7. Thank you for sharing this! I had no idea how adorable baby goats are! Made my heart smile before bed tonight! I also loved the post you wrote on do not depart, "I once was lost." It was great & encouraging. I hope you don't mind, but I saved the photo of the kid laying down with the mama standing by...that was so sweet! I will look at it when I need a smile! God bless you, Myra

  8. This is fascinating! Love the pictures. What an experience!


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