some days I feel all brittle and worn down
like a breeze will break me

blown off a shelf
cracked and crazed
a bit shattered

then I remember 

the treasure
it's in jars of clay

brittle is how i was made

so that the surpassing greatness of power
will be from God

not me

my job is just to be filled

just to hold

2 Corinthians 4:7
creative commons licensed photo by jo-h


  1. Beautiful.

    This osteoporosis riddled momma can definitely relate to the brittle.

    The ease at which I can crack a rib is not a measure of my worth - but the measure of which I must depend on Him to fill me, use me - I can hold on to Him - but I am frail, He is really holding on to me and allowing my brokenness, weaknesses, vulnerabilities be an instrument of drawing others in humility, in love, in un-earned grace to Him.

    Thank you for this reminder that we don't have to be strong. We are HIS precious treasures that He fills to overflowing.

    My heart is joyful thinking about how much this applies to me right now.
    Bless you Patti for putting it to words.


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