The Gift of Girlfriends

Roller Coaster at Circus Circus
flickr photo by fleecetraveler

Sometimes I wonder if I'm God's favorite.

Maybe He keeps my picture in His wallet. And thinks of ways to make me smile, just because He likes me.

It's just that I've had a pretty rough few weeks. Seems my body has turned into an amusement park for hormones. Do you think they giggle as my moods race up the roller coaster and then whoosh! over the top, down down down... the whole ride ending in a nice big sobbing pity-party?


I wasn't giggling so much.

So the days have been challenging, but they have also been sprinkled with sweetness.

Like the sun breaking through the clouds at the right moment. Or impossible solutions that just come out of nowhere.

But frankly, I'm pretty sure I'm His favorite because of the girlfriends.

The abundance of listening caring women in my world is just over the top. He must like me. Really like me.

Last Monday it was a play date, and tea on the couch.

Tuesday it was praying over Skype. Then a friend who drove an hour through the rain for dinner at a restaurant with tablecloths.

Thursday? A bonanza... eight women, bible study... tears, prayer, laughter.

Even Friday at the park, gentle eyes asking questions.

And Sunday, two sweet sisters at church, and several more online, with hard-won practical advice for weathering the hormonal storms. Even more moving... their tender understanding of those feelings that made me wonder if maybe I was edging toward lunacy.

What a treasure. To have women in my life who really hear me and care enough to respond. Women who don't live life shallow, who look hard in the face of pain, for Jesus.

These are women who I want to be like. I don't deserve them.

We girls, we do need our men. We were made that way. But we also need our sisters. I don't have biological sisters. But I have some truly incredible sisters in Christ. Women who walk the humble and the hard, and strain each day for holiness.

These are women who make me want to be better. They love me, the real me... all messy and wondering and passionate and confused. They are all about grace. They are safe.

I know. There are blessings in loneliness. There are seasons of growing with only Him, only turning to Him.

But I think our amazingly creative sunset-painting Father thought up girlfriends just because He thinks we're swell.

I'm glad He's so smart.

And you? You're His favorite too.  xoxoxoxo

(This song, this week?  Oh yes.  Go ahead... listen... Christa Wells is another gift)

Frame the Clouds
Oh friend what a great listener you are
You sit across the table with your coffee long gone
And I am talking about the books that I’ve been reading
when the house is dark and still
All the words, all the words
all the words, they are my fingers on a face
oh the words
looking for patterns in the shapes
You’re so good
to be a witness to my sounds
trying to frame the clouds
My feet are stepping on new earth all the time
discovery lights the fraying wires of my mind
for every one good answer, two more questions
and it all feels incomplete
‘til the words,’ til the words
Well I wish I had more show for the years I’ve been alive
there’s more to learn before I go than there is time
So friends don’t take me wrong on those days when I sound too sure
of the things I say, I say
I’m trying to frame the clouds

To Dominica, Sandy, Teresa, Pat, Misty, Dawn, Jenn and more... thank you. You breathed life and hope into my week.



  1. I love you! You breath life and hope into my world!

    1. Love you too sweet Sandy! *mwah!*


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