Do You Want to Be a Better Mother?

Our daughter is beginning to think about her future, about what her life will be like as an adult. She has been talking a lot about being a mother. As women around us have babies, and she is allowed the wiggly excitement of caring for them, she is wondering what it will be like to have her own.
It was long past her bedtime when I sat on the bed. Her sweet young voice fretted in the dark. Can you teach me Mama? I know I can’t be perfect, but can you train me to be a good mother? I stroked her long brown hair and silently prayed for God’s wisdom for this tender girl.
Together we cook, we clean, we talk developmental psychology and parenting philosophy. But in the end there is only one essential for preparing to be a mother, and for improving as a mother if you already are one.

My new blogging friend Heather has generously opened her home on the web to me today, so I can share this one essential with her readers (and you!)

To read How to Become a Better Mother wing your way to Fit Homeschool Mom....


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