How We Ended up on a Farm

As you've probably gathered, based on those cute farm animals up there in the header, we live on a homestead. But we haven't always. In fact my husband and I are New England beach kids with zero agricultural background.

You might wonder how we ended up here. As part of the "Here I Raise My Ebenezer" series at Do Not Depart, I had the chance to share our journey home this week.

And when you are done, if you feel like a laugh or two, you can read a bit of the blog I started in 2004, two days before we closed on our house.

Some of the goofier posts include how I got trapped by horses and then cows in the first two weeks and some things we'd learned on the farm, written two and a half years into the adventure.



  1. Loved reading those old posts! You all sure have learned a lot about chickens, cattle, donkeys, goats, . . . but especially about His love and grace!

  2. love the pic...I too was not raised on a farm but have learned a LOT about raising our chickens in that precious little barn...and the lessons together w/a child....aren't they just wonderful (& hilarious too!) :) m

    your pics are gorgeous!

  3. I love your header. Can't wait to live in the country but pray a Target is nearby. ;)

  4. I grew up in the country...Such a wonderful thing for kids! I love what you say in your profile paragraph, how God changed you from a frightened young woman...Me too! Freedom is great! :)


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