When Feelings Overwhelm {Choose Truth}

Days of one disaster after another. Misunderstandings, calendar errors, a string of bumbles where people are scratching their heads and wondering where mine has gone.


The library calls to tell me I have a book more than 14 days overdue. The pharmacy calls to tell me I forgot to pick up a prescription.

I open the oven to bake a treat for my kids and the handle falls off.

And I'll tell you, during weeks like that I find myself fighting hard the urge to sob "I give up!"

But even when I feel like this...

in Christ I am this...

See, the feelings... they come and go.

No matter what, I'm really always a bit of a mess. Sinner saved by grace.

But the feelings, sometimes they are messy, sometimes not. Sometimes cheery, sometimes blue, sometimes just plain defeated.

What feelings never are is permanent.

And that is why when my emotions start to rise like tsunami waves, I have to choose.  Am I going to believe the feelings or am I going to believe the truth?

The truth about who I am, the truth about my situation... the only place to find the real Truth... is in the Word.

So I stop. I sing. I read. I soak myself right up to the chin in God's Word and remember who I am.

Our gifted pastor has compiled a two page list of scriptures entitled "The Believer's Affirmation: Our True Identity and Calling in Christ." He has graciously allowed me to make this available to download. Just click on the picture above to download the pdf.

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  1. Oh yes! Choose truth. So simple, yet so profound. Thank you for the PDF. I'm going to print it off and keep it somewhere visible. Maybe I'll print off several. . .

    1. Sometimes I just sit and read it and breathe deep. I have considered having my children go through it, one a day, as a morning devotional.

  2. We all have days, weeks, even months like this don't we. Thank God they don't last, but truth always does. Thanks for posting!

  3. Great post, great perspective. Thanks for it. And thank your gracious pastor for his share. This IS a good printout to keep, and to remember to look at.

    1. I will pass your thanks along. When I asked him if I could share it he said "They're not my words, it's all from the bible!" God's words.

  4. "Absolutely nothing can separate me from the love
    of God in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:35-39)"
    Thank you for the reminder, Patti.

  5. What a valuable resource! Thanks, Patti. I saved a copy because I have lots of those moments when I need to remind my feelings that they aren't boss.

  6. Love this word! Thank you for the encouragement! God bless you dearly!

  7. Oh, I love this post! I downloaded the document. I'll print it and put it on the fridge. Thank you so much. And don't you know??? We all have days like that! Of course, you know. That's why you shared. ;)


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