Spread it around

Sometimes I feel like a little kid with a jar of strawberry jam. The thicker I spread the jam on the bread, the more it drips on my shirt, my fingers {lick lick}, my cheeks, my skirt...

Like strawberry jam, the more I spread joy, the more I become saturated in it.  Random acts of kindness bring me such satisfaction!

The crazy thing is, spreading joy is SO EASY. A card sent for a birthday. A surprise stop at the bakery with the kids. A note in The Bard’s lunch. A compassionate word to an overworked checkout clerk. A game played with Farmer Boy, or a ribbon for The Princess' hair. Even just a short email checking on a friend who has been down.

And it’s the simple kindnesses shown to me that make my heart swell. A grubby little hand offering me a weedy flower. A bed made without being reminded. A book sent by a friend who thought of me when she read it. A desk in my room because The Bard once heard me mention I might like one some day.

"Give and it shall be given to you" ~ Luke 6:38

Slap some sweet sticky joy on the lives around you today and lick those fingers! Yum!


  1. Wow! You are right - it is so easy to spread joy. Why don't people do more of it? When we are unhappy, we seem to want to drag others down with us. If only we could get the critical mass of joy spreading, it would become a perpetual motion machine.

  2. Yes! Just this morning Farmer Boy's bud offered to carry the laundry up from the basement when he heard his sister struggling with it. It so blessed me!


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