What Scriptures Should Your Children Memorize?

As I've written about here in the past, scripture memorization is an important part of the faith life of our family. The way that has looked has changed over the years... recently our younger kids joined an Awana club and they are flying through new verses! Like everything in a family, flexibility and change are part of the package, but we keep our core priorities.

Laying the foundation of Scripture memorization when your children are young will help them develop a habit that will bless them for their whole lives. There are many ways to creatively encourage children to memorize scripture, even programs that they can join. But really the only “program” necessary is a willing parent with a bible.
Once you have decide that you want to develop this habit in your children, how do you choose which scripture to teach? read more

I've pulled together a few resources to help parents select verses for kids to memorize (and grown ups too!) and listed them at Do Not Depart.  Click here to read the whole post "Choosing Scripture for Children to Memorize."



  1. Brilliant! Thank you! Sharing with an online faith community on Facebook!

  2. We love AWANAS! Thanks for the other references as well.


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