Bible Journal

Two years ago I decided to try something new in our little homeschool. 

As part of each school day, we would sit down around the table and feast on God's word, using dedicated journals.  I had a journal too, and this year, at his request, I gave Little Warrior (age 4) his own journal.

The first passage we studied was the Ten Commandments.   Our journaling had four parts:

1) dictation - I dictated each verse to the children and they copied it in their journals.  If they wanted spelling help, they asked and I helped, but this was not a test.

2) memorization - we would memorize the verse together

3) journaling - as we sat quietly around the table we would each write our thoughts on the scripture

4) discussion - we shared our thoughts and writing, and discussed it

Sometimes we would do all four on the same day.  Other times we have spread it over several days.  And occasionally one verse spanned a whole week.  A friend who started bible journaling this semester uses one verse a week and has her boys write on it each day, allowing new insights and depth of understanding to grow over the week.

Over the years we have focused on different topics.  At first we memorized the Ten Commandments, then the Beatitudes.  Then there was a period of time when I was randomly choosing verses that I felt were important, or verses that applied to a particular character issue with which one of us struggled.

This year we are trying to memorize the entire book of Philippians.  This has some interesting new twists for us as we progress further into the year and have to remember so many verses all at once.  Our Bible Journal time is also lengthening!

After a few months of using a familiar modern version, I switched things up on the kids and started using the King James.   Since I expect them to read challenging literature as they get older, I figured this would be a simple way to get their ears used to a more antiquated way of writing.  It also expanded their vocabulary.  Imagine my surprise when my six year old told me she liked the King James better!

For Philippians we are back to a new, but different, modern version.  I think it is valuable for the children to hear different translations.

This has become my favorite time in our homeschool day.  I love hearing my children's thoughts on God's word.  I love that He reveals Himself differently to each of us and uses each of His children to bless the others.

I am also amazed by the memorization capacity of my 8 year old daughter and a little shocked by the deterioration of my own 40-something rememberer!  Staving off Alzheimers with the Word of God.  Oh yeah!

photo by xandert


  1. A lovely idea. I really like this. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Love this! I like that it is teaching them how to observe God's word. Laying a foundation for their time with the Lord!
    What great memories, too.
    Can't wait for my kids to be able to read/write! My 5 year old is almost there...


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