Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 7 ~ An Extra Chapter

We read a lot in this house.  I am, you might say, a bit obsessed with books.  When it comes to material possessions, books are my stumbling block.  I have a hard time letting them go.  And resisting buying them in the first place.  Books test my mettle mightily with that "Do not covet" commandment.

I have tried to be firm with myself.  I even started our local annual Homeschool Used Book Sale.  It's no use.  We live in a library.  We share our seats with books.  Everywhere, stacks of books.  It's lovely.


Today didn't go quite the way I had planned, and my idea for today's Joy Sprinkle didn't pan out.  There I stood in the laundry room, perplexed and thinking, "Am I going to have to skip today?  I reallllly don't want to."  And bingo, there it was, a shiny happy joy-sprinkle idea that I knew would make two people smile.

Every night before bed, the kids and I meet on the couch and I read to them.  The only child in the house who actually needs to be read to is Little Warrior (assuming his literary diet is going to consist of more than Bob books and Hop on Pop).  He was asleep.

But Farmer Boy and The Princess, both avid readers, were waiting on the couch for their mom to come snuggle, book in hand, and read the next chapter of The Last BattleThe Last Battle!  The last in the seven book series by C.S.Lewis, "The Chronicles of Narnia." 
I've been falling asleep reading for years!
This long awaited book is such a hard one to read (especially when you give each character a unique voice and you got up at 6:00am and the couch... is... so... soft....... and.... zzzzz...).  But the ending is glorious.
So I knew what would do it, the perfect unexpected little extra sprinkle of joy over my older children... TWO chapters tonight!

And oh yes, they were happy!  Because, of course, two chapters means not only more time reading a beloved story with favorite people, but it also delays bedtimeOh frabjous day!  Callooh Callay!

top photo by clara natoli
bottom photo by my dad :-)

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  1. Perfect joy sprinkle! One of my very favorite books.


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