Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 2 ~ Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

A few days ago as I was fishing through the freezer, I found a ball of extra dough that I had frozen way back at Christmas.  It was dough from our traditional Christmas breakfast - a cinnamon bread braid.

Figuring it was either edible by us our one of the farm critters, I popped it in the fridge.  This morning I was inspired to surprise the family with homemade cinnamon rolls using that unexpected find (which turned out perfectly fit for human consumption!).

When The Princess emerged this morning and asked what was cooking, she said, wide-eyed, "We haven't had cinnamon rolls since I was four!"  She's almost nine - this was a major event.

We normally eat very healthful breakfasts.  Little Warrior, who has entered the classic (and parentally-longed-for) four year old developmental stage of Rule Policeman, said with alarm, "Is it a sugary treat? But what about protein? I have to have protein before sugar!" With three moderately sugar-challenged people in the house, I had prepared for this and assured him that, as usual, protein would be available as well.

That little anxiety attack notwithstanding, all in all the cinnamon rolls were met with much enthusiasm.   They were certainly gobbled up enthusiastically!

What have you done to sprinkle joy today?

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