Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 4 ~ A Massage for My Boy

My firstborn is 13.  This morning his father gave him his first razor.

My pudgy baby has turned into a lean young man.  The rolls and creases have flattened out, forming strength, sinew, muscle.

This boy who tends to all our farm animals, once wouldn't leave my side.  His strong arms now lift feed bags, hay, little brother, my burdens.

He is serious and unwavering.  Yet still he plays and runs.  He is simple and true in his prayers, certain of his convictions, quiet, constant, loyal.

Tonight when little brother and sister were tucked in, I sprinkled him with time, with an ear bent just to him, with a deep massage of his tired back and arms.

Just as when he was an infant, he found it difficult to relax at first.  But mother love rubbed her way into him, and he told me "I could stay here forever."

Sweet child, first child of my womb... so could I.

So could I.

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  1. so poignant! There is something deeply moving about watching our boys grow into men.


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