What brings me joy

Not unexpectedly, this spreading joy challenge has been a tremendous blessing, and brought ME so much joy. 

It has gotten me thinking about the things that bring me joy each day.  Most of them are very small.  I decided to catalog some of this week’s joys

  • waking to long legs and arms wrapped around me... a sweet 8 year old girl come in for a morning snuggle
  • drinking tea out of a beautiful mug given to me by my cousin, even more beautiful because it was one of her favorite mugs
  • Little Warrior’s song “Breakfast, breakfast, here I come to eat you...”
  • praying with my children with hands on The Bard before he headed out to a challenging day
  • listening to Farmer Boy playing Fur Elise on the piano
  • praying with Little Warrior for someone in need - his entire prayer was “thank you for...” - such faith and confidence in the work that God will do!
  • practicing lines and songs for theater class with The Princess... so many characters, such fun for Mama!
  • gleaning finger snapping tips from Farmer Boy
  • having my hair brushed by Little Warrior
  • the look on my friend’s face when I carried a cooler to her van and said “I made dinner for you”
  • a conversation with a stranger where we realized that God had put the same ministry idea, the very same words, in our hearts, and that perhaps He was calling us to work together
  • precious hours of earnest discussion with a dear friend across a restaurant table
  • watching a gecko gobble up moths on the other side of a dark window
  • crystal clear starry sky covering our heads as I kissed The Bard goodbye in the early morning
  • timid new kittens running toward me for the first time, knowing I am a safe place
  • an hour of prayer with my favorite prayer warrior
  • the morning greeting from our rooster when I turn the lights on before sunrise
  • a gleaming kitchen counter
  • the smell of my house with the windows open for the first time since spring

It may be cliche, but it’s true... it’s the little things that make a life.

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