Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 70 ~ Game of Life

Farmer Boy is getting wet!  :-)  He is on the receiving end of a lot of sprinkles this week.

I told him I would make sure to set aside time to play a game just with him while we are on vacation.  It was shocking how difficult that proved to be.  Because it was going to take a while, we wanted to play it in the morning.  That meant siblings were around.  It took the help of Papa to make a four year old not feel woefully left out.

We played the Game of Life.  Believe it or not, I never played this game as a child.  My kids were introduced to it here and really like it.

We played, he won.  The perfect combination in his eyes!


  1. I love this game :)

    I used to change to rules... a lot.

  2. Rule changing is normative for Farmer Boy. And baffling for his aging mother. How he keeps them all straight I do not know. You two could whip up quite the game, no doubt.


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