Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 73 ~ Dinner Out for a Single Mom

Because of being on vacation far from home, I knew there would be days consumed by traveling.  I wasn't really sure what to do for this last traveling day, then I had the idea to do something ahead.  So this sprinkle was actually sent on a different day, but was intended to "count" (can you really use that word here?) for today.

One of the homeschooling moms in our area recently went through a divorce.  She is trying really hard to continue homeschooling but this is super challenging due to finances.  She is doing a great job of budgeting and living simply.

I tried to think of something that she would not be able to do for herself.  Obviously these days she does not get to eat out.  So I sent her a card with a gift certificate to a local restaurant.  Just a little something extra.

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