Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 93 ~ A Tidy Bed

For Christmas Day I made no sprinkle plans.  Not really knowing how the day would proceed, as our family celebration was not held in my own home, I hoped something would just come to me.

After we had had breakfast and enjoyed some family time, I went upstairs in the grandparents' house, and saw the tussled beds from which my eager children had earlier leapt.  A tug here, a tuck there, and all was tidy.

Shortly thereafter, The Princess came bounding into the room, stopped short and gasped a little.  "You made my bed for me!  Oh Mama it looks so pretty!  Thank you!"  It was a sweet response, for such a little sprinkle. 

It didn't surprise me that the boys didn't even notice.  :-)


  1. Wait! I noticed. Well, I saw you doing it. I'm just a heel and didn't say anything.

  2. On the contrary, my love. You noticed, AND you said thank you! I didn't count that as a sprinkle because I consider making your bed part of my happy daily activity. Usually it is OUR bed, but since we were visiting family and spread all over the place it was your couch! :-) {{kiss}}

  3. So sweet of the Princess to notice! She will make a wonderful wife and mama some day!


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