Sprinkles of Blessing ~ Saying Yes

It seems so simple, saying yes.

The small people in my house (some of whom are now three inches taller than me) are among my favorite humans in the world. Shouldn't it be easy to say yes to their requests for Lego-play and sewing machine lessons?

Still I find it takes a conscious effort to set aside my to-do list and ignore the pressing refrain in my mind: "But you're behiiinnnd..."

It takes a choice to say yes to my children's non-urgent requests. But once I do, I almost always find the blessing is just as much for me.

I remember that I like following Lego instructions, and watching a vehicle appear in my hands. I sit by in wonder as our daughter confidently takes charge of the sewing machine after a demonstration. And despite thread-tension issues I manage to teach our girl without any Mama-tension!

Now, I know there are situations when "Yes" is not appropriate. I am not advocating catering to a child's every whim.

But "Yes!" can be such a blessing when it builds relationships. When it takes my focus off a task and shifts it to a person.

Choosing "Yes" is how I'm sprinkling this week. How are you showing love in action in your corner of the world?

I'm dropping the linky for now. Would you spur me on to good deeds by sharing in the comments how you are living love this week?

1 comment:

  1. I also find it hard to say yes! I heard someone say once that the "interruptions" in our lives are quite often a divine appointment. Thank you for the reminder to take a deep breathe and consider the big picture!


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