100 Days of Sprinkling Joy

One week later, it occurs to me that I have not given voice to my full plan for this crazy joy sprinkling and spreading adventure.  Honestly it's because at first I thought I was nuts, and that being a woman of many ideas but lots of responsibilities, it might just be impossible.  So fearing failure (what, me, perfectionist a little?) I wrote "I want to be held accountable."  Yeah, but to what?

Well I'm taking the plunge and making the full commitment to my original (unspoken) idea.

I am committing to 100 days of intentional looking-outside-myself, finding-ways-to-love, making-people-smile silliness.  I have no idea how all this will turn out - will I burn out, can I find that many ideas, have I lost my mind?  But I am loving it so far!  I do have a lot of ideas, but there have definitely been days when things have not gone the way I expected.

I've always enjoyed doing nice things for people, or coming up with little surprises, but trying to find one extra thing each day does require a shift in my thinking.  I am enjoying the variety.  Some days it requires planning... like the day I made a meal.  That ended up spanning two days, between the making of the food and the actual delivery.  Then there are days like today, when my original plan didn't work out, so at 8:00 tonight, refusing to accept defeat, I scrunched my eyes up and thought hard and poof!  I knew!

I don't know why I picked 100 days, it's just what came to mind.  A few days ago I counted forward 100 days from last Friday, and I landed on New Year's Day!  Isn't that cool?  What a wonderful way to ring in a new year!

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  1. I love this idea. I (with fear and trembling) think I'm going to try this, too!


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