Sprinkles of Blessing ~ Something Unexpected

Last week was one of those weeks when things just didn't go as planned. Thank you for extending grace. Now back to our regularly scheduled Monday Sprinkles of Blessing...

Are you ready to have some fun this week as you sprinkle your family? How about trying something totally unexpected? Something seemingly out of place yet fun fun fun!

This week's Sprinkles of Blessing suggestion:


Would an Easter egg hunt at the end of May qualify?  <smile>

We homeschool our children, and traditionally have set Memorial Day weekend as the beginning of our summer break. This year, to celebrate, I thought it would be fun to surprise them with a treasure hunt!

We enjoy Easter egg hunts, but a few years ago the kids and I got to thinking that it was kind of distracting us from what we wanted to be focusing on at Easter. Since we all love the fun of the hunt (and the hiding!) we knew we still wanted to do it, just at another time. I contemplated doing it on the first day of spring but that almost always falls in the middle of Lent, when we are feeling more contemplative. We just couldn't come up with a solution.

Near the end of May it hit me! The first day of summer vacation sure is festive! I didn't tell the kids, just got the hunt ready and put baskets at their seats at the table. I put a book in each basket for summer enjoyment as well.

When they got up they were so surprised and excited. Even the 14 year old! They all enjoyed scurrying around looking for eggs. As always we had one unfound egg, which will surely show up in the next few weeks.

How about you? Do you have some fun summer plans this week with your family? Are you planning anything out of the ordinary? I'd love to read more about your sprinkling adventures!  Link up below (hit click to enter) or leave a comment...

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  1. Oh, I love this idea! Unexpected blessings! I also love the idea of keeping Easter holy and without the distraction of hunting for candy


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