Canned Food Drive {teaching kids to serve}

Children can get involved in serving the local community by running a canned food drive for your local food pantry.

Food pantries are always in need of items, and while they do not limit donations to canned food, keeping it simple (and non-smashable) for the kids is best.

When we are planning to make a food pantry donation, I call ahead to find out what they most need at the time. Pantries gladly accept any non-dented non-expired canned goods, but they often have frequently requested items that they run low on.

Find the nearest food pantry

To run the drive, have your children tell their friends, or you can associate it with an activity, like a park outing or party. Older children might feel comfortable making an announcement in church.

Be sure your children are with you when you deliver the items! Depending on the food pantry's policies, the kids may even be allowed to help stock the shelves with their donations.

Do you know where your local food pantry is?



  1. We've attended birthday parties where they would ask to bring canned goods instead of gifts

  2. Love this post. Featuring at Family Fun Friday. :-)

  3. Thank you for encouraging families to serve with their family!!!


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