Make a Meal for Someone {teaching kids to serve}

Even young children can get involved in serving by helping to prepare a meal for another family.

Do you know someone who:
  • Is having a baby?
  • Is sick?
  • Just lost a family member?
  • Is going through a hard time?
  • Is elderly and alone?

Everyone needs to eat! A meal is a simple and usually much appreciated way to show love.

If you don't know the family's dietary needs already, be sure to ask, unless you are planning the meal as a surprise. If it is a surprise you might want to ask someone who knows them well if they have any allergies or special restrictions.

Children can be involved in all aspects of the food preparation, as well as delivering the meal. I always make a main dish, which generally is a stand-alone like a casserole. Often I will add a salad and dessert.

One of our favorite recipes to make for a delivered meal is Bird's Nest Pie. It is a somewhat unusual way to present spaghetti, and always gets rave reviews. It is also a super kid-friendly recipe. In fact Josh and I made it for a Build A Menu a few months ago. This is a dish that you can also freeze ahead. We usually make at least 2 when we make this, and freeze extras in foil pie pans for giving away.

Get the recipe for Bird's Nest Pie

Kids can help wash lettuce and tomatoes and peel carrots and cucumbers for the salad. They can spoon cookie dough onto cookie sheets or stir brownie mix. We always sprinkle chocolate chips on top of our brownies before cooking them... sprinkling is a much sought after kid-job!

When it is time to deliver the meal, if it won't make the recipient feel uncomfortable, have the children help carry the food to the door.

Your turn: What type of dishes do you like to give or receive in times of need?


  1. This is such a great idea - I've been able to do this a few times with my children. Casseroles are typically easy for us to prepare and transport; we also include a simple side and bread or dessert.

    1. It's such fun putting together the menu, isn't it? :)

  2. My kids love to make cards and draw pictures. Your kids can do this to go with the meal also :)

    1. Great idea Alicia! Adds a personal touch!

  3. Our favorite meals to make to bring to others are roasted chicken/baked potatoes/tossed salad; chicken soup/salad/bread; or all the fixings for make your own taco night. I'm lacking in my baking skills though so we usually include a small gift bag filled with fresh fruit.

    1. Oooo, those all sound delicious. I think the make-your-own-taco meal is such a clever idea! I am going to borrow it!


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