Thank Your Local Firefighters {teaching kids to serve}

This idea is bound to be a hit with the little boys in your life! Few young men wouldn't be delighted to visit the fire station to say thank you to the men and women who serve your community.

When we are bringing a treat to thank folks we don't know personally, I usually make a plate of cookies or a pan of brownies because they are so universally beloved. But you should feel free to make whatever suits your fancy - it will surely be appreciated. It doesn't have to be sweet!

I like to involve my kids in the decision making process to some degree, offering them choices from a range I know will work for us - "Shall we make chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies or brownies?" Package the goodies in a recyclable container so no one has to figure out what to do with your pan or dish.

While you are baking, talk about what these folks do for your community, the dangers they may face, and their family's willingness to support them as they serve. Around here, we have a very keen sense of the sacrifices our firefighters make to keep us safe. In the fire department up the road from us, twenty of the twenty four volunteers lost their homes during the 2011 Bastrop County Complex Wildfire.

Your children can make pictures and cards as well. Some volunteer fire stations are not staffed around the clock, so you may want to call first. If you don't know where your station is located or the phone number, try searching here or here. Don't call 911 to find your fire department!

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