Pick Up Trash {teaching kids to serve}

Help improve everyone's view by having an outing to pick up trash with your kids. Picking up trash along the roadside or in the park is another way your children can bless their local community.

Older children who are reliably aware of passing traffic can be very effective roadside trash pickers. If you have toddlers or preschoolers, roadside trash clean-up is probably not the ideal activity, but they may be able to help in a park that has plenty of green space around you.

These supplies will come in handy:
  • leather gloves for each person
  • lots of large trash bags
  • space in your vehicle for transporting the garbage
  • hand sanitizer or wipes for when you are done 
You may want to advise your children to allow you to pick up any broken glass or sharp objects. 

Talk about why this activity blesses others, and how God calls us to care for the land around us. I have found using the phrase "Leave things better than you found them" has had an effect on a child's decisions even when I wasn't around!

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