Tired Mamas Really CAN Spend Time in the Word Every Day

See the "5" and the "0"? (look at the kids' hands). My husband entered his 50th state on our road trip.

Hello dear friends.

I'll state the obvious: I've been away for a while.

We had an unexpected journey from Texas to Rhode Island and back this month, to bid farewell to a dear man.

It was an emotional time, and I just didn't have it in me to write. But writing is my language, so I felt not quite right in my skin. I'd like to tell you more about him, more about our family, and the words have finally been flowing. Soon.

But today I just wanted to wave {hello!} and share a bit I wrote earlier this week at Do Not Depart for all the tired mothers.

Because I know I'm not the only mama who has been exhausted and had a hard time finding a way to get into the Word. Not the only mama who has had babies waking all night and toddlers on an unceasing quest to kill themselves.

It does seem like that doesn't it? The way they climb things and break things and generally disregard all the laws of physics. The way they grow gray hairs and wrinkles on their mamas at an astonishing clip.

But I digress.

Here are 10 simple ways that weary mamas can abide in the Word. Yes, even you, dear mama!

Every minute soaking in His wonderful love letter to you is another minute of grace in your life. Seize it!

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