YOU choose - get the good in your head

Do you ever feel like your brain belongs to someone else?

You know what is right and what you want, yet you keep thinking about the opposite?

Like... you know you want to feel well and not eat things that make you sick, but you just think and think and think about eating sugar.

Or you know that your friend really loves you but you can't stop thinking about the thing she said that hurt your feelings.

How about this - you tell all the other moms you know not be so hard on themselves about how hard it is to keep up with the house, but deep inside you are sure you are a horrible human being because YOU can't keep up?

It's ridiculous.

All that stinkin' thinkin' gets you nothing and nowhere, but it sure delights the enemy of your soul.

As a stinkin' thinker myself, I'm not exactly in a position to preach, except for I'm going to preach, sisters!

Look, what a way to distract, right? I mean, you could be thinking about an absolutely gorgeous plate of life-sustaining food, but you're distracted by that sugar. You are feeling sorry for yourself because you can't/shouldn't/whatever and are completely ignoring the fact that GOOD GRIEF you are opulently wealthy and can eat just about anything you want and it can all be good for you! What a gift!

Be thankful.

Or that friend? The one who loves you and oops isn't perfect? Did you ever say anything that came out differently from how you meant it? Or maybe you meant it and were just being thoughtless?


And your house... oh your house. Ugh. Houses are just, just... endless. An endless experiment proving entropy.

When you are lying on your deathbed, will you be saying, "If only I had spent more time cleaning my house!"? I think not.

Let it go.

Can we be more intentional about our thinking? How about this (the girlie version of Philippians 4:8)...


Whatever is
of good repute
worthy of praise


Dwell, sisters.

Live there. Live in the true. Live in the lovely.

Live there in your mind. Find the beauty, choose the pure, look toward what is right and good.

You choose it, girlfriend, only you. You want power? You and only you have power over what you think about.

If you feel like you can't control the thoughts? Get your head right into the good book. Crack that bible. Read. Read quiet, read loud, just read. Get the good in your head.

Get your thoughts off yourself. Get them onto God.

Seek His face.

Trust me, when you are looking in the face of Jesus all that other mess? Fades away.

Focus. Use the power you have to choose where your thought life goes. Go to the light, friends.

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