Teaching Kids to Serve

I often hear from young mothers wondering how they can help their children develop hearts of service. Like all other important child training, it begins in the home. But there are ways children can truly serve and make a difference outside the home, even at a young age.

In October 2013, I undertook a challenge to post one way kids can serve for each day of the month. There are many many more than 31 ways your children can serve, but hopefully you'll get a few ideas from here for ways your family can be Jesus' hands on feet on earth.

Parents, You Set the Example

Make a Meal for Someone

Canned Food Drive


Make Christmas Cards for Unsponsored Compassion Children

Rake Leaves for Your Neighbor

Let Others Go First

Bake Cookies for Your Pastor

Gather Cans to Earn Money for a Cause

Share Gifts from Your Garden

Make Shoes for Children in Uganda

Thank Your Local Firefighters

Visit a Nursing Home

Do Someone Else's Chore

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