Pi Day!

Did you know that March 14 is National Pi Day?

Neither did I, until yesterday morning.  Why March 14 you ask? 


I know, clever isn't it?

Well, naturally, after I learned about this and dragged my kids to the computer to read Wikipedia Pi articles and watch YouTube Pi videos (Oh internet, how convenient art thou? Let me count the ways...), I resolved silently...

Pie for dinner!

I didn't tell the kids, but the crust-making process cued them in. 

For our main course, Shepherd's Pie:

And for dessert, Blueberry Pie!

This was such a last minute idea (and we live 20 minutes from the nearest grocery store) that my pie plan was driven exclusively by what we had around already.  Luckily for me we had some frozen blueberries!

I have been experimenting with baking with agave syrup.  I used it for the blueberry pie and it worked out pretty well.  I want to make a few tweaks to the recipe, then I'll post it.

Oooo an excuse to make more pie! 

And now for your viewing pleasure, some of my favorite pi videos...

Just the digits of pi... this is kind of glazed-eye inducing:

This take on "American Pie" cracks me up:

The video I most wanted to show you was entitled "The Sound of Pi." Using finger positioning, chord numbers and the circle of fifths, one guy (playing 10 or more instruments) created a lovely musical version of pi.

Apparently this violated a copyright held by Lars Erickson, who wrote the Pi Symphony. Since yesterday the video has been taken down. But you can read more and have a listen to a bit of Erickson's symphony at Pi Symphony. It seems quite different from the one-guy-10-instruments piece to my musically untrained ear.  Nevertheless, in both cases, there is striking lack of dissonance for a piece of music that is based on what seems at first pass to be a jumble of digits.

I wonder what kind of pi, um pie, we'll bake next year...


  1. Love it! I'm really intrigued by the musical piece with the one-man-band. There is a mysterious beauty to numbers and the orderly way they work.

  2. delicious looking pies. I did not know about this either. Thank you for sharing and for sharing the video's I enjoyed each one. Blessings to you.


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