He is Risen!

Oh glorious day!  Easter again, with much rejoicing!

Joyful celebrations with our little family... then with our church family... and home again to welcome far-away friends and family in a loud and child-filled tumble of love.

Our homestead was bursting on Sunday afternoon, the house filled to the brim with people we love, the pens and fields filled with new babies.

 And even though we are experiencing the worst drought in our area in fifty years, flowers still bloom.

Every day... every day... is Easter for those who believe.  Tumbles of love, new life, blooming in the driest of places.

Every day!


  1. What beautiful photos and a post of encouragement!

  2. Such beautiful pictures. I love the one of the girls bowed sweetly in prayer. My favorite one, though, is of the flowers in that dry, dry dirt. Such a picture of hope! Life springs from the dead places!


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