Abiding in His Word ~ Finding the Time

My nine year old daughter recently asked me, worriedly, “Mama, how can I remember to read my bible every day?

My daughter is a girl who loves God. She wants to read her bible every day. But sometimes she doesn’t do it. Life distracts her, just as it distracts many of us.

Perhaps you also face this dilemma. After years of struggling to read my bible daily, I realized the simple answer to my daughter’s question. I needed to make it a habit that fit naturally into the routine of my day.

Now you may be thinking “Ah, the early morning quiet time.” And yes, I do mean that, but not exclusively.

Getting up early to pray and read God’s Word is a great joy and blessing. But sometimes an early morning quiet time just isn’t realistic...

I'm hanging out at Do Not Depart today, 
chatting about getting creative with your schedule and making daily time with God a habit.
Will you come join the conversation?

Photo by Leland Francisco

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