Never Enough Time? Seize the Extra Day!

You know there is never enough time. Not in America, at least, where we have ridiculous ideas about what is normal.

Tomorrow is Leap Day, and a new friend got me to thinking... an extra day.  An extra day!

I mean, how many times have you said "If I only had more time I would..."

Well here's our chance! An extra day!

So around our house we are talking about what we will do with an extra day.  Here's the challenge: pick one way to end this sentence "If I only had more time I would..." and then do it!

I'll post about what we each decided to do and you post too! We'll make a fun link-up and see what all we can do with an extra day. :-)

Of course we'll all be having so much fun having our extra-time adventures that we won't be blogging, right? So my post won't go up until late Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Everyone in our house hasn't settled on what we want to do yet. All the five year old can up with, for example, is "Move to Hawaii." Would that we could, luv.

And as a fun aside, my absolutely amazing hubby is a songwriter, and is participating again this year in February Album Writing Month (aka FAWM), wherein music artists race to complete 14 songs in 28 days (and this leap year they are going for 14 1/2!)

Here is one of his (appropriate!) songs this year... "There's Never Enough". You know, never enough time. It's kinda romantic. Love that man!

Update: Here's a button you can use if you post about how you seized your extra day! :-)

original flickr photo of frog from Brisbane City Council


  1. oooh! What a great idea! I'm jumping on this extra day bandwagon!

    1. Yay! And come back tomorrow and tell us what you did! I have decided what I am going to do and can't wait because it will also be fun for my very favorite girl in the world.

  2. Love this, Patti!! Thanks for sharing. I'll come back and let you know what we do... :)


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