The Inevitable New Year's Decluttering Urge

Our silverware drawer is right underneath the spot on the counter where our coffee maker and grinder live. Because of this (as well as scientific mysteries I am not smart enough to solve) the utensil drawer and organizer seem to be the favored place for miniature rockies of grounds and crumbs to appear.

These little mounds multiply practically overnight, and recently led our eldest, not exactly the most tidy person in the house, to declare, "Based on the state of this drawer, I am starting to wonder if any of these utensils are even clean!"

Well that will stop a mama in her tracks!

If I had been grumpy, I might have mumbled something about how those who find problems ought to fix them, but I was of a cheery disposition, agreed heartily, and immediately divested the drawer of its contents.

I scrubbed the drawer, scrubbed the sorter, tossed a bunch of broken plastic utensils that we never use, rewashed a few rarely used but beloved bits and pieces, and found myself ecstatic.

Cheerful to ecstatic.  Not bad for 20 minutes of work.

Now when I open my drawer I see this:

Okay, you might be thinking, but the silverware isn't in perfect stacks and wait, aren't those multiple styles of cutlery all mingled? Yes, all of this is true, and no, we will never get into Better Homes and Gardens.  But today we might get into Cleaner Drawers For Your Personal Satisfaction. A fine magazine, at least in my dreams.

When I look at this drawer I see nothing floating around randomly out of the organizer, no crumbs or coffee grounds, and an ability to lay my hands on exactly what I want instantly. <ahhhh>

It's the little things, people.

On the decluttering urge, I have been trying valiantly (and admittedly in spurts) to follow the decluttering calendar from My Simpler Life. It is really taking the brain work out of where on earth do I start in this cavern of stuff?

I have been doing pretty well, although some days I do two days of the assignments.

Have you been consumed by the inevitable New Year's decluttering urge too?


  1. OH YES...... and yet it is always those small improvements which bring me the greatest satisfaction - maybe because they have easily visible beginnings, middles and ends.

  2. I love it when I can get one little thing sorted out(like a silverware drawer). It's so satisfying that I find myself gravitating to that spot just to admire it's tidiness.

  3. Oh that more of my life had closure like this! Yes, Mom you are right! Sandy, I keep doing that very thing. And the decluttering calendar has borne fruit in multiple spots that I can enjoy now.


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