You make me happier than a bountiful tomato harvest!
{a paraphrase of Psalm 4}

A rockin' one-day tomato harvest in 2008

As always, I am enjoying the newest bible study from Do Not Depart. The current study is called Run2Him and is based on the Psalms. Last week's topic was "I Cry Out Because He Hears" and was based on Psalm 4.

As part of my reflection on the Psalm, I tried something new, and found it fruitful. I wrote it out in my own words, a paraphrase of sorts. Yesterday at our morning family bible time, my husband read Psalm 4 to us all, then I shared my paraphrase. He thought I should share it with you all, so here it is (remember this is not ME speaking, but the psalmist, lest you think I am boasting about good behavior)...

Psalm 4
Patti's paraphrase

(1) Please listen to me God, because you have before!

(2) People around me, when will you shape up? My good behavior makes you look bad! When are you going to stop loving worthless things and trying deceive?

(3) God has set apart godly people for Himself, and He hears me when I call Him.

(4) You should be afraid! Don't sin! Lie on your bed, silent and still, and think long and hard about your heart.

(5) Offer PROPER sacrifices, and trust in the Lord.

(6) Many are asking who will show them even a little bit of good. Lord, please look at us with your light-filled face.

(7) You have put gladness in my heart, God... YOU! Even more than when the harvest is amazing and there is an abundance of food and wine.

(8) I will lie down and go to sleep peacefully because You, and only You, make me dwell in safety.

Kind of makes me wonder if this is how Eugene Patterson wrote The Message.  :-)

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  1. I love it! I'm teaching a workshop on prayer and I think I'm going to borrow your idea of rewriting a psalm!


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