Turning a Crazy Homeschooling Day Around

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Fellow blogger Donna is embarking on her first year of homeschooling, and to celebrate the beginning of a new phase of life for her family, she has asked a few seasoned homeschooling moms to share some thoughts.

I feel pretty comfortable sharing about weeks like this:
You’ve embarked on your first year of homeschooling with enthusiasm, color-coded schedule in one hand, book list in the other. The school room is decorated, the craft supplies lined up in a tidy row, and you just know that the whole family is going to have a blast!
The first day of school arrives. Everything goes fairly well, but not quite according to schedule. The next day the five-year-old pops up and down from the table like a jack-in-the-box, and the schedule slips a bit more. Before the week is out you’re on the phone to another homeschooling mom wailing, “This is impossible! These kids can’t sit still! I feel like I’m going crazy!!”

I am seasoned in this area. Heheh.

Now you've probably never felt this way. But on the off chance this scenario is familiar, maybe I can help. I haven't actually gone crazy yet (or so my friends assure me), so you might glean an idea or two for managing your own homeschooling carnival of fun.

And really, homeschooling is fun! I promise!

Read 5 Ways to Turn a Crazy Homeschooling Day Around



  1. Really good reminders, Patti! Thank you! Now if I could just remember them before I pull ALL my hair out! ;-)

    1. LOL! Some days are balder than others. ;-)


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