New babies on the homestead!

We were so excited to discover yesterday that one of our mama pigs had given birth!

Grey is a second-time mother. She was young when she had her first litter, and none of the babies survived. She was a changed pig after that. Calmer. Sad almost. Later, when her sisters had their babies, she was a doting aunt... when the piglets weren't nursing they would come and hang out with Aunt Grey.

Now she is big and strong and hearty and her five babies are running around like crazy.

The babies came a little earlier than expected so the mama was still in a pen with wide-holed fencing. One tiny piglet escaped... Farmer Boy named him Columbus.

Every new birth brings such joy around here.

We drop everything and just spend hours watching.

New life fills my heart with hope.

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  1. oh,adOrable!!!!! totally showing these pics to my boys. I know it will make my 6 yr old think of Wilber from Charlotte's Web. :)

  2. I know, they really are sooo cute. They get uncute pretty fast. ;-)

  3. Ohmygoodness! They really are cute! Columbus looks tuckered from his journey.


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