Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 10 ~ Special Game Time

This evening before bedtime I whispered in The Princess' ear, "I want to sprinkle you, today... shall we play a game?"

Her face!  You would have thought I had told her we were going on a grand adventure!  "Yes!" she squealed, and we scurried to the game shelf to choose something she would enjoy.

We played a fierce game of Othello (boy is she a careful strategist), and I was very close to being swept off the board!  But in the end I rallied.

We had an extra surprise, when we discovered that after years of slightly handicapped playing, we finally have all the game pieces back in the box!  My children often use game pieces from store-bought games to create their own games, and the unfortunate side-effect of this creativity is that many of our games are missing pieces.  Our closet cleaning efforts this summer have apparently paid off!


  1. oooh! We must have been on the same wavelength! While the youngest was at a birthday party Sunday I played Rivers, Roads, and Rails with the other two.

    I know what you mean about game pieces, we are missing some Othello pieces!

  2. I am not good at sitting down and playing games with my children. Maybe it's the sitting part, but I feel impatient. It is good for me to make a point to do it. But oh, Rivers, Roads, and Rails! That game has tried my patience. Maybe we don't understand how to play it. It just seems e n d l e s s....

  3. Did you see the card game we made up?


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