Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 12 ~ Kitchen Time with Mama aka Treat #2

Little Warrior likes Rice Krispie Treats.  I did not know that he had such an, um, attachment to them.  He was quite surprised yesterday to find out that the pan I made was not scheduled for an appearance on his dinner table.  He managed to keep his emotions in check enough to ask if we could make some more today, just for our family. 

Lucky for Little Warrior that Mama had stocked up on supplies because of the bake sale.  This afternoon we got down to business with this challenging recipe (ahem), and soon had a pan of treats cooling on the counter. 

Proof positive that not much time is necessary to sprinkle joy... just being attuned to what will bring a smile.  My joy was hanging out with my sweet little guy.  I do love that boy.


  1. Good for LW for exerting self-control! Now I want some rice krispie treats.

  2. I know. So simple, so unhealthy, so addictive. Yum!


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