Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 24 ~ A book of prayers

I am in awe of the power of prayer.   For mysterious reasons, God desires us to join in His work on earth by praying for His children.  One thing I know... praying changes me.  How can time in God's presence not?

But incredibly, it also does affect others.  Our heartfelt prayers for those we love, and even for those we don't know, are heard and responded to.  Lives change as the result of prayer.

In no area is prayer more important than in our marriages.  The marriage is the heart of a family.  The family is the heart of society.  Break a marriage and you break a family.  Break a family and you have a mess of tangled and destroyed relationships that not only hurt those directly involved, but have a negative ripple effect out into the world.

Over the past few years I have felt more and more convicted that I not only have the privilege of praying for my husband, I have the responsibility.  On my knees, I grow in compassion and love for him even more.  When I pray for The Bard, it helps me to see him as God sees him... a beloved son.  And incredibly, when I pray for him, things happen.  I do not make these things happen, God does.  But what a powerful sign to me of His listening ear, and His call to me as a wife to pray without ceasing for the man with whom I have been joined.

Wives, I encourage you, I strongly urge you, to make the commitment to pray daily for your husbands.  It makes a difference.  You both will be blessed.

One of my favorite books about praying for husbands is by Stormie O'Martian: The Power of the Praying Wife.  Stormie takes the reader through her personal story, then 30 chapters of discussion, scripture and prayer on 30 different topics relating to our husbands.  At one time I went through the book praying a topic a day.  Now I use it as a reference, particularly for scriptures to pray when a certain need has arisen.

My little sprinkling today was to give a copy of this book to a sweet friend of mine.  I pray that her marriage will be blessed by her prayers for her husband!

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