Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 27 ~ Handmade Mittens

Last winter Little Warrior begged me to make him some mittens.  I was in the middle of several knitting projects, and just couldn't start another one.  But we discussed the design and the colors, and when there was a sale, I bought the yarn.  In early spring I started them, but the craziness of spring on a farm took over and my knitting was set aside for the season.

I took up the mittens again recently, and have been knitting in stolen moments.  I finally finished them today.  Because Little Warrior's primary love language is gifts (that boy would wrap up and give away the shirt on his back), I wrapped them and put them at his place before breakfast.

He was baffled by a gift at his seat, and asked "Is it my birthday?"  The finished mittens were met with a squeal of delight, and he put them right on.  He wore them off and on throughout the day, even though it is still getting to the mid-80's here in Texas.  He won't get nearly as much wear out of mittens as he would if he lived in a place that actually has seasons, but there will be a few months when he will be able to put them to real use.

Most of all, his cuddly warm hands tell him Mama loves him.  :-)


  1. love this sprinkle! I'd love to see a pic of the mittens.


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