Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 30 ~ Delivery Service

The Princess decided to keep things very small for her birthday sleepover.  She invited just three friends, two of whom live an hour or more away.  On Thursday night we found out that one the the girls was sick and would not be able to come.  Because we live so far away, the two families had been sharing girl-delivery duties.  Now one family was going to have drive a total of six hours just so their daughter could come to the party.

This didn't seem fun, especially since they have younger children as well.  Six hours in the car for a 2 year old is not a nice way to spend the weekend.  So I offered to drive into the city and meet the dad who was going to be there doing errands on Saturday morning.  It worked out perfectly, and The Princess was thrilled to have an extra hour with one of her friends.

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