Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 9 ~ Bake Sale

This little sprinkle was a family effort.  Our local pregnancy resource center was holding a bake sale fundraiser, and it seemed a perfect way for our family to become involved in supporting their important work.  I baked brownies and bread, stopping only when I ran out of flour.

All three children came with me to the actual sale.  We had no idea what to expect.  I didn't know if I would know anyone; I have not yet even been to the center.  We ended up spending three hours there, selling, visiting with new friends, and thanks to the children, drumming up more business (nothing like pigtails and blond curls to get the attention of passersby!)

To my great surprise (why was I surprised... isn't this happening every day?) joy was sprinkled back on me!  The two women who ended up staying most of the time with me, both knew people from my church.  One of the women was new to the area and our church had prayed for her.  The other woman looked familiar, and I finally figured out I had met her two and a half years ago at a conference several hours away from our area. We had corresponded by email a few times.

It was a beautiful reminder of how we are a family in Christ, all tenderly interwoven, each needing and blessing each other.

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