Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 23 ~ Another Surprise!

Can't tell you about this one either, yet.  :-)  Shhhhhhhhhhhhh......


I love books.  Really, really, really love books.  My love might, maybe, possibly, have the teeniest-weeniest hint of an obsession to it.

But I also have to live in my house.  And walk around, occasionally.  So, despite the fact that I can not do it at the pace which would preclude buying yet more bookshelves {insert husband's rolling eyes}, I do try to weed out books I no longer need, and use them to fund the purchase of more books homeschooling resources.

One day I was looking at, and sorting, the mess that is my gotta-get-this-on-ebay-or-homeschool-classifieds-or-something-for-Pete's-sake-and-reclaim-this-corner pile.   There were homeschool books, there were baby books.  Being 41, I am suspecting that my baby days are done, and it was time to say goodbye (hard though it was).

I am on an email list with some other Texan moms who seem to be forever giving birth, and had the brilliant idea to post my baby books there before I tried to sell them elsewhere.

Sure enough, one young mom wanted to buy two of the books.

This sweet young woman and her husband fostered a little boy, then adopted him.  In the meantime she gave birth to another little boy.  And in October they added two more little foster boys to the family.  I believe their boys are 1, 2, 3 and 4 now.  Can I get a collective "Wow!"?

What a gift she and her husband are giving these little men!  I knew just what I wanted to do.  I asked her for her address, and packaged the books up, including a note telling her not to send any money, and what an amazing work I think she is doing for God.  Just a word of encouragement.  Isn't she awesome?


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