Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 13 ~ ARRGH!

No, not arrgh as in "I am so frustrated!"   

Arrgh as in "I am Pirate Sarah!"

A spontaneous sprinkle today for Little Warrior (two in a row!).  He asked me to play Pirates ("Don't worry, Mama, we're good pirates") and resisting my first inclination to beg off because of my to do list, I thought rubber meet road and said "Sure!"

Turns out the life of a "good" pirate is pretty easy, at least for good girl pirates.  I mostly sat on the playscape while he steered and looked through telescopes.  There were no battles or danger of any kind.  I was even allowed to bring my camera and take numerous pictures of Pirate Jack (his name of choice, amusing given that none of my kids has even heard of Pirates of the Caribbean), and of the view as I lay on the playscape.

Once we disembarked, we explored the new world we had discovered (our house) which was filled with strange rocks of all shapes and sizes.  They bore strange resemblance to doors, chairs, tables, etc.

Undoubtedly thanks to the fact that his only reference to pirates is the Veggie Tales' brilliant Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, it was an extremely pleasant way to spend time with a four year old.

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