A Day in Our Life

Last week was the first I'd heard of the Day in the Life meme, and I knew right away I wanted to try it. I love taking photos, but I'm as amateur as they come, so an excuse to play with my new camera was more than welcome.

I decided to use Saturday, January 29, 2011 as my shooting day, hoping on a non-school day I'd have more chance of remembering to take pictures every hour. I did miss a few, and there were circumstances that made me a bit off schedule a few times, but in the end this really does capture our day.

Since it was Saturday I slept in a little.  The first shot I remembered to take was...

6:35 am
Little Warrior comes to the couch prepared for quiet time with Mama

7:32 am
frying up farm eggs for breakfast

8:39 am
breakfast for chickies

9:42 am
making bread

10:46 am
braiding pipe cleaners into The Princess' hair for her show
(taken by Farmer Boy)

{In the 11:30 time frame there was too much drama getting
The Princess to Drama for me to even think of photos.
Around here we do theater on and off stage}

12:43 pm
waiting for the show to start
musical adaptation of Through the Looking Glass

{we were asked not to publish photos of the show due to copyright issues}

2:10 pm
backstage between acts, minus her Mad Hatter hat

3:07 pm
cast party after the show ~ chessmen cookies, naturally!

4:52 pm
driving home (taken by The Princess)

around 5:30 pm
playing on twitter

around 6:30 pm
dinner ~ pesto chicken with whole wheat penne and veggies

7:45 pm 
playing around in the kitchen with
miniature-plastic-armor-wearing Farmer Boy

8:21 pm
story time on the couch with the older two
we've come full circle ~ see the blanket from the first picture?

9:36 pm
time for bed!

And that's a wrap!

Thanks to Rebekah for the wonderful idea to photojournal our day.  Click on her button below to see her photos and links to other folks who participated...



  1. Love your day and the food looked delicious!!!

  2. This project was so much fun. I'm glad you linked up!

    I loved your line "drama on AND off stage." Isn't that the truth! :)

    PS. I have never seen a tooth brush like that!

  3. What a great looking day! He does NOT look comfortable in that armor.

  4. What a fabulous day! I lingered on the egg picture for a minute...I wouldn't dream of frying an egg in my cast iron skillet...how do you manage that?!?

  5. Love seeing a day in the life of my favorite family! Thank you!


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